We are we equipped and trained in shipping all makes and models of “SPRINTER STYLE” vans.


We are we equipped and trained in shipping all makes and models of "SPRINTER STYLE" vans. This type of vehicle is also considered a CARGO VAN. Since SPRINTER VANS come in all shapes and sizes, we require the following dimensions: Height, Length, Width, and Weight. Height is always important as different rooftop equipment may exceed the DOT legal height limits. We also require the pickup and delivery addresses and the contact information for each location. After we have this exact information, the McCullough Transportation Services Dispatch Team will figure the best way for us to make this move together.

We use the information gathered about the route and the dimensions to determine which carrier or carriers can be used in the cargo van shipping process. Often it is either impossible or difficult to haul these types of vehicles in an enclosed trailer or on a 10-car stinger. Our trucks are equipped with modern step-deck trailers and modified step deck trailers. No matter what type of SPRINTER VAN you need shipped, we can get it to any location in the world. One call and we will make your move easy!

Personally Owned Vehicles (POV)

While being considered a specialty carrier we have shipped thousands of Personally Owned Vehicles (POV). This includes golf carts, sedans, coupes, mid-size cars, full-size cars, SUVs and pickup trucks. Generally, the smaller the car, the easier the move.

We will need the year, make, model, and VIN number of your vehicle to book your move. Most vehicles are shipped on open auto shipping carriers. The exception are Sports Cars with low clearance or front and rear ground effects. These vehicles require enclosed transport because of their value. Normally open transport is the most economical and recommended means of transporting your vehicle. In terms of risk of damage, transporting via open carrier is like driving the car on an open highway yourself. If you are concerned about any issues during transportation, please call us to discuss the many options you have available to you at MTS.

Our goal is to make sure that you get the very best auto shipping services available, and we may need a few other bits of info to complete your booking like access to the vehicle at your physical address. Most carriers are too big to enter subdivisions, in these cases our dispatch team will work with you to find a suitably large meeting place that is nearby and convenient. If you do not see other answers to any questions you may have in our FAQ section, feel free to contact us anytime.