Dealer Auto Shipping Services

Are you a new or used car dealer who looking for a carefree way to transports vehicles? Many dealerships need to transport inventory from the auctions to the showroom, or from one dealership to another. With the recent boom of online car shopping, it's easier than ever for customers to find the vehicle they want, and have it shipped to them. This is where our dealer auto transport services can come in handy, and why so many nationwide auto transporters including MTS have strong relationships with the dealerships. Below you'll learn about the relationship between dealers and MTS and how it makes for better dealer/auto transport services.

If you own or manage an automotive dealership it is important that you work with a carrier you can depend on. Whether you are moving 10 cars at once or just a single unit from one location to another it needs done in timely and cost-effective manner. Organizing the transport of all those vehicles can be a logistical nightmare for some and it may take time away from your other work. It is always best to use the same transporter to get consistent pricing and service. Loyalty is something in this type of partnership is important to both the dealer and the carrier.

McCullough Transportation Services, LLC believes in great customer service. We believe that customers who have a great experience with us will want tell others. When it comes to Dealer Auto Transport Services, we have you covered. From open car transport to full-load transportation, enclosed transportation, and much more. We have a 50,000+ square foot indoor storage facility where we can store or stage vehicles for your dealership - whatever your needs are, we can help you out!