Transporting construction equipment is anything but an easy job. These jobs are the most challenging in the business and truly take time and expertise to execute safely. Most construction equipment will need to be transported via a flatbed trailer, as the equipment is generally too heavy and too large to be transported on a standard truck. Many times, it is the only thing that will fit on the trailer.

When you call us for a quote on your construction equipment transport, please have the specific year, make and model of your construction equipment on hand. You will also need the dimensions of the equipment. With so many different pieces of construction equipment out there, knowing exactly what you are shipping will allow us to get you a more accurate transport quote.

If the unit is of size that it requires us to reach out to one of our working partners that are better equipped trailer wise, we will assist you and them to assure you of the same quality of service you have come to know from MTS.

We can ship Construction equipment across town or across the oceans. Regardless of where or what you are shipping, we here at MTS are here to help. Fill out our online quote form where you leave your telephone number, we'll give you a call and discuss the transportation of your vehicle. You can also call us directly if you'd like to receive a quote over the phone. We're always here to help.